How To Install Presets!


  • First DOWNLOAD Lightroom mobile from your APP store if you don’t already have it (this is free) - you can also use my presets on desktop lightroom so if you already have that then this will work.


  • Click the download link on your email, this will take you to page where your download will be ready.


  • Click download now.


  • This will download a .zip file containing your chosen presets.


  • Open .zip file to show contents - this will create a new folder called (chosen pack) presets.

 If you can’t open your .zip file on your device (not all devices let you do this) then you can download a free app called .zip viewer or unZip depending on your device and if you are IOS or Android.


  • Click on the new folder of your chosen preset pack, in here you will see the presets contained in this pack.


  • Click on each one and it will open as a blank screen with the name of the preset on it. This looks like nothing! But this holds all the secrets!


  • Staying on this screen, click to “SAVE IMAGE”


  • Open Lightroom.


  • Import new photo, you will need to allow Lightroom access to your photos if you are new.


  • Then import the black square photo that has DNG on it, should be the most recent in you camera roll if you are following along.  Once in Lightroom you will see its ME! Tashie! Hey!


  • Now you have this image in Lightroom you have this preset! Hold your finger down on it and you will see the before image! Tadaaa!


  • NOW to save the preset so its easy for you to use! Whilst on the image click the three dots top right corner.




  • Then all you need to do is name the preset, I do suggest naming them the same as what I have called them, so when I’m giving tips or letting you know which one I have used for my photos it will be easier for you to know what I am talking bout!


AND that’s it! Just repeat these steps for each preset. Happy editing guys! Can’t wait to see and repost your pics!