1.   How do I get the TashieTinks filters/presets?

Once purchased you will receive an email which will have 3 things in it.  A downloadable zip file containing your chosen presets, an easy to follow PDF instruction sheet of how to install them + a video from Tashie to talk you through the process along with some top editing tips when using them! #tashiespresets


2.   What do I need to get the presets?

You will need Lightroom, either mobile or desktop, this is free to download from your app store.

  •   What is Lightroom? - Lightroom is a photo editing app made by Adobe.


3.    I didn’t get my download email?

Oh poop, that’s annoying but don’t worry! First check your junk folder, still not there? Just drop us an email info@the24thfloor.com and we will check what’s happened and resend your downloads!


4.    I have the presets but my skin is too orange or dark?

Don't panic! You have not wasted your monies! We all have different skin tones and hair colours so  some of the presets will need to be slightly adjusted to fit with you personally.  It is very easy to adjust and if you check your download email there is a video from Tashie explaining how to change this. 

Cant be bothered to watch the video?   Here is a quick break down!

  • Go to your Lightroom and add the preset you want to use
  • Go to colour (along the bottom icons)
  • Go to mix (right hand corner or the new box)
  • Click on orange colour circle.
  • Here you can use the scrollies to change hue, saturation and luminance (luminance is the lightness and darkness)


5.   How can I share the presets with my friends?

Sharing the download links and/or preset settings with anyone is considered COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.  For more info on this please see privacy policy and Terms of Service.

All rights reserved by the24thfloor.com and/or Tashietinks - this includes all images and logos used.


6.   Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the product being an instant download, refunds are not permitted. Please make sure you fully understand what you are purchasing and that you have everything you need to use the presets.